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Were you counted in the Census?

If you did not receive a census form in the mail, you are not here! You and your family will not be counted when the federal government passes out money to your state and city, which will make your local taxes go up.

You can get a census form in the mail by calling 866-872-6868


Fill out the interactive form at


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Here are some consequences of McCain not being able to think things through beyond what to have for lunch:

1.  Under McCain Feingold, Ronald Reagan could never have become President because most of his early campaign was paid for by a couple of rich Republican businessmen, who today could only give $1,250 each.

2.  McCain’s law restricts elections to the two large, evil parties because only they have the staff needed to get around and evade the restrictions of the law. A brand new TEA Party candidate has no idea on earth how to recruit and organize hundreds of criminals to collect addresses of innocent people who are not able to contribute to political campaigns because they are poor. Acorn members and their neighbors are a perfect example. The Los Angeles Times found that Hillary Clinton’s 2007 Presidential Primary Campaign had the maximum $2,500 per married couple contribution from every person living in the poorest neighborhood of New York’s Chinatown. The LA Times reporters went to the addresses and often found that Hillary’s donors were not known to live at the address given on her reports to the FEC. Others included dishwashers who spoke no English and had no Green Card nor citizenship, and could not possibly have accumulated $2,500 to give to an American election.

Another example is Obama’s staff turned off the security feature for credit card contributions that verifies the cardholder’s names and addresses. That made it possible for one person using one credit card to donate $2,500 for an imaginary married couple, giving a different false name, address and employer for each donation. They also turned off the feature of the software program that resaved the credit card number!

So one person, using the same credit card, could contribute to Obama $2,500 for John and Mary Doe, 123 Main Street, employed at Acme electronics, and then contribute another $2,500 for John and Mary Fawn, 234 Main St, employed at Yellow electronics. Then the same person and credit card could contribute $2,500 for John and Mary Brown, 345 Main St, employed at Red Electronics, etc., etc., etc.

This was reported in major national newspapers and to the Federal Election Commission, which said since the credit card numbers had not been saved because of a “malfunction” in Obama’s software, they had no way to investigate the charges, so no harm, no foul.

Let me guarantee you that if a TEA Party candidate pulled something like that, the TEA Party candidate would be in jail. Well, if we cheated on our taxes like Obama’s best friends and appointees did, we would be in jail. If pigs had wings, it would not be safe to walk outside. Plop, plop. Borat’s droppings are falling from the sky on top of our heads.

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Social Security was set up to provide emergency support during the Great Depression. When our greatest Socialist Democrat FDR passed Social Security, life expectancy was 58 for men and 63 for women. Social Security started paying at age 65. Social Security was to assist people who lived too long!

Today Social Security has grown like a fatal cancer, and fatal it is. Social Security no provides $1,000 a month for the elderly grandparents of anchor babies. It gives $1,000 a month to every homeless person panhandling on the streets. What they do with their $250 a week is a mystery,

Social Security gives $1,000 a month to drug addicts, alcoholics, and to prostitutes who somehow innocently contracted AIDS.

Government programs never self correct. Every government program continues to grow and spread as a cancer to strangle the life out of America.

In Free market Capitalism, everything is automatically self correcting. Companies that perform no useful function fail and disappear, unless a government program prolongs their life, as in TARP, and Borat’s Energy Act that gives billions to solar energy and other fiasco that would never get out of the laboratory because they make no economic sense until the technology advances by two or three generations.

The conclusion is that every time some idiot Congressman sets up a tiny little program using one of his earmarks, it will grow into a fatal cancer.

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