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Illegal aliens harm all Americans because they depress the average wage, resulting in American workers having to accept lower wages to compete with the illegals. The Americans who are hurt the most are those at the bottom of the ladder who need minimum and near-minimum wage jobs that immigrants will take for below minimum wages.

The Elite Just Don’t Get It!

Every person in America who pays taxes (you and me) is harmed by illegal aliens because we must pay higher taxes for jobless benefits and other welfare paid to US citizens who are displaced from jobs by illegal aliens.

Every person in America who pays taxes (you and me) is harmed by having to pay higher taxes to pay welfare benefits for “Anchor Babies” and their illegal families. Right now Progressives are all over the Lame Street Media whining about “Are you going to deport the US citizen children of illegal aliens when you deport their parents?” First, and this is so wrong on so many levels, the actual practice of the government is not to deport anyone who has an anchor baby. That is why they are called “anchors.” Spit out one baby and the whole family gets to stay in the US.

That is so wrong. We should deport the entire family. We should repeal the 13th Amendment (check number)

The Lame Street Media are running footage of an illegal alien girl around age twenty who is whining that under the new Arizona law she will live in fear that she might be deported. This truly inappropriate illegal girl continues that she should be made a citizen because she graduated high school and has almost finished college and wants to work with helping autistic children.

This woman has gotten a free education from the taxpayer while working US citizens go broke paying for their children’s college tuition. Then she wants a government job, to be paid by US citizen taxpayers.

I want that job to go to the US citizen taxpayers, not to an illegal alien who has been freeloading on the hard-pressed US taxpayer for her entire life.

And the bitch does not even realize that she has taken advantage of us! She is the product of “social justice.” She believes that social justice means that anyone in the whole darn world is entitled to a free education at the expense of the US taxpayer, and is then entitled to a high pay, and even higher benefits government funded job. In other words, her idea of social justice is the we the US citizen taxpayers support her for her entire life.

My thought is to criminally prosecute her for grand theft from the US taxpayers, and lock her fat butt up into a work camp until she repays the US taxpayer for all the benefits which she received illegally. Then let her go back to Mexico and work with Mexican autistic children at the expense of the Mexican government, not us.

Oh, and let us not forget that the autistic children that she wants us to pay her to care for, were probably caused by their mothers using illegal drugs smuggled into the US by illegal alien smuggling rings, and distributed by Mexican crime gangs.

Finally, yes, we should deport the entire family, including the anchor babies, when any family member is found to be here illegally. Especially, we should deport the entire family when the mother is legal, the children are anchor babies, and the father is illegal. Otherwise we are encouraging illegal studs to sneak in and knock up somebody and stick the taxpayer for twenty generations of welfare families. Remember, we have half a century of experience with welfare families. Once on welfare, always on welfare, generation after generation after generation. Don’t let it get started. Deport every anchor baby and all their parents.

Otherwise we the taxpayers will always, always, get farther and farther into debt, paying perpetual welfare as part of social justice and redistribution.

Enough is enough!

We should bring the troops home from the Middle East and put them on the Mexican border, so when Sheriff Joe Arpaio kicks her and her friends’ illegal butts over the border, they cannot walk back in.

That Is How America’s Best Crime Prevention Program Just Happens To Be A Tax Reduction Program

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President Barack Obama said in Turkey : “We do not consider ourselves  a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of  values.”



Do you know the Preamble for your state?  

  Be sure to read the message at the bottom!


Alabama 1901, Preamble

We the people of the State of Alabama , invoking the favor and guidance

of Almighty God, do ordain and establish the following Constitution.


Alaska 1956, Preamble We, the people of Alaska , grateful to God and to

those who founded our nation and pioneered this great land.


Arizona 1911, Preamble We, the people of the State of Arizona , grateful

to Almighty God for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution.


Arkansas 1874, Preamble We, the people of the State of Arkansas ,

grateful to Almighty God for the privilege of choosing our own form of



California 1879, Preamble We, the People of the State of California ,

grateful to Almighty God for our freedom.


Colorado 1876, Preamble We, the people of Colorado , with profound

reverence for the Supreme Ruler of Universe.


Connecticut 1818, Preamble. The People of Connecticut, acknowledging

with gratitude the good Providence of God in  permitting them to enjoy.


Delaware 1897, Preamble Through Divine Goodness all men have, by nature,

the rights of worshipping and serving their Creator according to the

dictates of their consciences…


Florida 1885, Preamble We, the people of the State of Florida , grateful

to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, establish this



Georgia 1777, Preamble We, the people of Georgia , relying upon

protection and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this



Hawaii 1959, Preamble We , the people of Hawaii , Grateful for Divine

Guidance … Establish this Constitution.


Idaho 1889, Preamble We, the people of the State of Idaho , grateful to

Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings.


Illinois 1870, Preamble We, the people of the State of Illinois,

grateful to Almighty God for the civil , political and religious liberty

which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy and looking to Him for a

blessing on our endeavors.


Indiana 1851, Preamble We, the People of the State of Indiana , grateful

to Almighty God for the free exercise of the right to choose our form of



Iowa 1857, Preamble We, the People of the St ate of Iowa , grateful to

the Supreme Being for the blessings hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our

dependence on Him for a continuation of these blessings, establish this



Kansas 1859, Preamble We, the people of Kansas , grateful to Almighty

God for our civil and religious privileges establish this Constitution.


Kentucky 1891, Preamble.. We, the people of the Commonwealth are

grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties..

Louisiana 1921, Preamble We, the people of the State of Louisiana ,

grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious

liberties we enjoy.


Maine 1820, Preamble We the People of Maine acknowledging with grateful

hearts the goodness of the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe in affording

us an opportunity .. And imploring His aid and direction.


Maryland 1776, Preamble We, the people of the state of Maryland ,

grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberty…


Massachusetts 1780, Preamble We…the people of Massachusetts,

acknowledging with grateful hearts, the goodness of the Great Legislator

of the Universe In the course of His Providence, an opportunity and

devoutly imploring His direction 


  1. We, the people of the State of Michigan ,

grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of freedom, establish this



Minnesota, 1857, Preamble We, the people of the State of Minnesota,

grateful to God for our civil and religious liberty, and desiring to

perpetuate its blessings:


Mississippi 1890, Preamble We, the people of Mississippi in convention

assembled, grateful to Almighty God, and invoking His blessing on our work.


Missouri 1845, Preamble We, the people of Missouri , with profound

reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and grateful for His

goodness . Establish this Constitution…


Montana 1889, Preamble. We, the people of Montana , grateful to Almighty

God for the blessings of liberty establish this Constitution …


Nebraska 1875, Preamble We, the people, grateful to Almighty God for our

freedom . Establish this Constitution.


Nevada 1864, Preamble We the people of the State of Nevada , grateful to

Almighty God for our freedom, establish this Constitution…


New Hampshire 1792, Part I. Art. I. Sec. V Every individual has a

natural and unalienable right to worship God according to the dictates

of his own conscience.


New Jersey 1844, Preamble We, the people of the State of New Jersey,

grateful to Almighty God for civil and religious liberty which He hath

so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing on our



New Mexico 1911, Preamble We, the People of New Mexico, grateful to

Almighty God for the blessings of liberty..


New York 1846, Preamble We, the people of the State of New York ,

grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings.


 North Carolina 1868, Preamble We the people of the State of North

Carolina, grateful to Almighty God, the Sovereign Ruler of Nations, for

our civil, political, and religious liberties, and acknowledging our

dependence upon Him for the continuance of those…


North Dakota 1889, Preamble We , the people of North Dakota , grateful

to Almighty God for the blessings of civil and religious liberty, do



Ohio 1852, Preamble We the people of the state of Ohio , grateful to

Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and to promote our



Oklahoma 1907, Preamble Invoking the guidance of Almighty God, in order

to secure and perpetuate the blessings of liberty, establish this


Oregon 1857, Bill of Rights, Article I Section 2. All men shall be

secure in the Natural right, to worship Almighty God according to the

dictates of their consciences


Pennsylvania 1776, Preamble We, the people of Pennsylvania, grateful to

Almighty God for the blessings of civil and religious liberty, and

humbly invoking His guidance….


Rhode Island 1842, Preamble. We the People of the State of Rhode Island

grateful to Almighty God for the civil and religious liberty which He

hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing…


South Carolina , 1778, Preamble We, the people of he State of South

Carolina grateful to God for our liberties, do ordain and establish this



South Dakota 1889, Preamble We, the people of South Dakota , grateful to

Almighty God for our civil and religious liberties …


Tennessee 1796, Art. XI..III. That all men have a natural and

indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of

their conscience…


Texas 1845, Preamble We the People of the Republic of Texas ,

acknowledging, with gratitude, the grace and beneficence of God.

Utah 1896, Preamble Grateful to Almighty God for life and liberty, we

establish this Constitution.


Vermont 1777, Preamble Whereas all government ought to enable the

individuals who compose it to enjoy their natural rights, and other

blessings which the Author of Existence has bestowed on man ..


Virginia 1776, Bill of Rights, XVI Religion, or the Duty which we owe

our Creator can be directed only by Reason and that it is the mutual

duty of all to practice Christian Forbearance, Love and Charity towards

each other


Washington 1889, Preamble We the People of the State of Washington,

grateful to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe for our liberties, do

ordain this Constitution


West Virginia 1872, Preamble Since through Divine Providence we enjoy

the blessings of civil, political and religious liberty, we, the people

of West Virginia reaffirm our faith in and constant reliance upon God ….


Wisconsin 1848, Preamble We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to

Almighty God for our freedom, domestic tranquility…


Wyoming 1890, Preamble We, the people of the State of Wyoming , grateful

to God for our civil, political, and religious liberties, establish this




After reviewing acknowledgments of God from all 50 state constitutions, one is faced with the prospect that maybe, the ACLU and the out-of-control federal courts are wrong!


   If you found this to be ‘Food for thought’ send to as many as you think will be enlightened as I

  1. hope you were..   


(Please note that at no time is anyone told that they MUST worship God.)






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The University of Maryland has offered free showings of “Pirates” a high budget explicit XXX porno movie produced by a supposedly female owned and managed pornography company.

These supposed female owners think is is fine to teach college freshman and freshwomen (virgins?) that before President Clinton got a “Lewinsky” pirates forced their captives to perform fellatio or walk the gangplank. Or is “gangplanking” a pirate term?

This week the same University of Maryland declared that there will be no prayers during commencement ceremonies this year because prayers made some students feel excluded.

In fairness, we must report that many universities and colleges offered free showings of the XXX movies “Pirates” on campus as part of free advertising for the porno company. Isn’t that just sweet?

Higher and higher tuition so schools can give free advertising to porno companies?

The historical context is that Maryland is the Colony formed by Catholic Missionaries, and is named in honor of “Our Blessed Mother The VIRGIN Mary.”

Is it possible to file a legal action against a state university for corrupting the morals of youth.

Of course, for any of you who actually did get an education, “corrupting the youth” was the charge for which Socrates was convicted and forced to commit suicide by drinking hemlock.

Can a court force the Governor of Maryland to drink hemlock?

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The Palm Beach County school district, one of the largest in the country, was laying off teachers while buying a TV station, and sending a chauffeured limo to drive a boy to school for months, a boy who is out on bail awaiting trial for a murder to which he had confessed!

When newspapers denounced this, the School District sent a 100 passenger school bus, totally empty, to pick up this boy and drive him all alone on the giant bus, back and forth to a magnet school for a round trip of 100 miles. The school chief said, Well, you didn’t like the limo, sooo”

The empty school bus and driver cost more than the limo, but the head of schools is so badly educated and absolutely not qualified for his job that he cannot figure out (1) this kid should not go to a magnet school, (2) that a school district head should have more brains than a dog turd.

Apparently the head of the school district was more enamored of being a star on his own TV station than in figuring out how to run the Palm Beach County School District. His most frequent comment is “Give Me More Money and All Will Be Well!” For whom?

The head of Ohio State gets paid $1,300,000 a year, plus a mansion, plus a chauffeured limo, yet he is nothing but a minor bureaucrat passing out taxpayer money without limit. His performance cannot be measured, but he gets more money every year. And both tuition and taxpayer assistance increase every year.

Obama is wrong to give colleges and schools more money. All the effort should be on improving them. Almost every school can do better on less money.

Using the comments I receive and discard as a guide, our schools are failing to teach both basic reading and writing, but also failing to teach elementary logic. I routinely delete comments that use alimentary rather than elementary logic.

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Welfare leech Nadya Suleman could not get a home to live in without fraud and leeching off her bankrupt mother. She lied to Dr. Phil and claimed she did not want multiples, she just wanted one more baby.

Give her the benefit of the doubt, which is what the State of California has been doing for many years, and assume she is telling the truth (not likely).

So she only wanted a singleton birth.

But wait. She lived in a home (a) that is not hers and (b) is $23,000 behind on the mortgage. So she was not able to provide a home for her first six brats.

And she “needed” a seventh?

She has not worked for around ten years; got a questionable workman’s comp claim (whiplash from a desk?); foodstamps; Aid to Dependent Children; and Aid to the Disabled.

Her bankrupt Mom says Nadya never helped with the mortgage.

And she got $30,000 of plastic surgery and “needed” a seventh child?

Should Medicaid be amended to have mandatory abortions required of serial welfare frauds?

Can America afford monsters like this when OBambi is mortgaging our children for more and more welfare.

Should Obama’s food stamp mother been forced to have an abortion?

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No-Brain Nayda admitted that she gets $430 in food stamps and aid for her first three disabled children. Dopey says that she is not receiving welfare, that this is “just another resource.”

For those of you who have not studied how the lazy criminal element in the Democrat Party “work” the welfare system, let me tell you that if you get food stamps you are on full blown welfare, and also get Medicaid. If you have children, and what welfare leech does not have children, you get $600 or more for each child per month. She had six children before the octuplets, so that is six times $600 or $3,600 of ADC (Aid to Dependent Children), plus the $430 of food stamps, for a total of $4,030 a month of “resources” not welfare?

In addition three of her children have disabilities, getting her at least another $600 per month times three disabled children is another $1,800 a month, raising the total to $5,830 a month, or $69,600 a year, all tax free.

And this woman is such a dishonest, possibly psychotic liar that she says on national television that she is not on welfare!

Oh, do not forget, as the sole caretaker of three disabled small children she cannot be expected to have the free time to be able to work. And best of all, she was disabled from the ruckus in the women’s prision where she was a mental health counselor.

Stop the cash analysis for a moment. She was a mental health counselor to prisioners? No wonder we have such a high recidivism rate! Perhaps the prisioners were rioting over the poor quality of their mental health counseling?

Back to the money. Her workman’s comp payments stopped after ONLY $168,000. WHY? Because she probably went on SSI Supplemental Social Insurance, where people who are permanently unable to work get a $1,000 a month tax free. Examples of people permanently unable to work are alcoholics, drug addicts, caretakers of disabled children, and the mentally ill. Nadya appears to qualify on all four categories.

For example, almost every homeless person in America stays near the Post Office Box where they get their $1,000 a month SSI check on the 1st of the month.

The SSI brings Nadya’s total take to $81,600 a year. Tax Free.

On top of that she took out $60,000 in student loans while “unable to work.”

Now, you are not eligible for all this welfare if you have more than $1,000 in assets!

If she had no assets, how did she pay for (1) $30,000 of elective plastic surgery, which is not covered by Medicaid, and (2) untold thousands of dollars for the storage of her frozen embryos and the in vitro fertilization procedures.

Her mother says that Nadya did not pay anything toward the mortgage on her mother’s house in which nadya and the kids live. Therefore Nadya was lying again when she said she “rents” the house from Mom.

Now let’s figure this out. Nadya pays no rent. Her mother takes care of the children 24 hours a day. Nadya does not work or go to school. Mom buys the groceries. Nadya has no medical bills because she and the kids are on Medicaid so you and I pay her medical costs, including th $1,500,000 for the eight premies.

What does Nadya do with $81,600 a year, tax free, besides in vitro fertilization and plastic surgery?

Is Nadya a drug addict, or an alcoholic, or both? That would certainly explain her bizarre facial expressions and speech mannerisms in her television interviews.

It is my considered opinion that this woman should be locked away for the rest of her life so that she is not able to damage any more innocent children, or to commit any more of her other offense against society.

She is certainly a welfare fraud who, like millions of other of Obama’s people, are enslaving the rest of us.

My sympathy is with all you poor slaves paying taxes so the likes of Nadya can steal from us and steal from our children.

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Both are for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Both support the Law of the Sea Treaty which will give control of all the world’s oceans, ocean bottoms, and zillions of dollars of underseas minerals and oil to the notoriously corrupt United Nations. Imagine asking the UN for permission to drill offshore and then having to pay oil royalties to the UN

Both support NAFTA

Both are against making English the official language of America

Both refuse to discuss the major cause of inflation – the Federal Reserve

Both refuse to mention Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, the border patrol agents who are imprisoned for more than ten years for shooting an illegal immigrant drug smuggler who never went to jail.

for more good stuff see http://ngoldfarb.wordpress.com/

To more fully support the ideals of the Democratic Party and the independent citizens of America, please vote for Ralph Nader.

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In 2005 John McCain wrote a law and introduced it in the Senate to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

As one of his early acts as a Senator, and to prove his claims of bipartisanship cooperation are false, Barack Obama voted against McCain’s reform law.

Fannie Mae gave Obama $165,000.

After Obama got the money, he lied and said he wanted to reform Fannie Mae.

The Senate has no record of Obama ever introducing any such law.

Barack Hussein Obama practices the Muslim principle of lying to your enemies, which seems to include the American voters.


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“Change You Can Believe In” apparently means changing American elections to a new low.

Barack Obama is actually more of the same. The same old, same old.

Obama rarely smiles, but he had a big smile while he insulted all women everywhere in the world by describing the history-making woman Vice Presidential candidate and the only governor in the nation with a 65% approval rating as a “Pig with Lipstick.”

Here is the original post at the terrific new blog http://ngoldfarb.wordpress.com/

Credit to Nancy Goldfarb:

Obama Sinks to New Low, Obama Calls Sarah Palin A “Pig”

Senator Barack Obama wants to change the way Washington works. He claims he wants to change politics, so that we can all work together.

Yet there is not a single example in his history where he has crossed the aisle for bipartisanship.

In fact he has no history of ever doing anything. Except writing his memoirs. TWICE.

So we can only judge him by his words. In his own words: “Words matter.” In the absence of having ever accomplished anything, we can only judge him on what he says.

Now, when the Republicans had differences with the major Democratic lady candidate, they argued the issues. Republican candidates and elected officials never called Hillary names.

Senator Barack Obama, as the Democrat at the top of the ticket, who wants to lead America to “restore our reputation in the world,” has set a genuinely new standard for political discourse in the Westen World of civilized nations.

Unfortunately, the Obama standard is noteworthy in that it defines not a new high, but a new low for political conduct.

In no civilized nation do any high ranking candidates of any political party refer to their female opponents as pigs with lipstick.

No Republican member of the Senate, the House or a Governor has ever called Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro a pig. Never. Republicans never sink that low.

But Obama sinks that low.

Does anyone seriously want a President who calls women who disagree with him a “PIG?”

Obama has lowered the glass ceiling.

Obama has insulted every woman in America.

Obama has insulted every American by lowering our national debates into the gutter, thereby defining himself as a gutter person.

Clearly, Senator Obama is an inhabitant of the gutter.

Do not let Barack Obama drag us, drag our beloved Nation, down into the gutter.”

Thank you Nancy

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Watching TV coverage of the poor people in New Orleans baording buses to flee yet another hurricane, I was struck that people who appear so obviously poor still exist in America.

I looked for charities, and noticed that the really rich people like Oprah, Clinton, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet spend most of their money on non-Americans.

Then I found this wonderful http://www.franklynchfoundation.org that focus 100% on poor people inside of America.

It says something like what kind of a mother spends all her money overseas, when her own children in her own house are impoverished, without health care and trapped without hope by ignorance. When I read that, I thought “That is exactly what I see on TV in New Orleans!”

And the Red Cross wastes too much of every donation on executives salaries and overhead – it is a scandal.

So I am donating to http://www.franklynchfoundation.org

Help fight poverty inside of America.

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