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Illinois Senator Roland Burris just admitted that although he testified to the Senate that Gov. Rod Blagojevich had not asked him for money, ie to buy the Senate seat, Rod’s brother did!

Now, those of you not from Illinois must understand this is not dishonesty.  Remember Bill Clinton saying “It depends on what you mean by “IS””

This is normal Democrat speak.

And Obama supporters clamor “Hey, Barack said not to let Burris be seated in the Senate.”

But you see, that is the problem. The problem is Obama, who taught Constitutional Law, does not understand the Constitution. The Constitution says we have three branches of government, and the Executive Branch is not supposed to tell the Legislative Branch who it can seat.

I know this is complex and confusing for B. S. Obama, so let me say it so our President can understand it:

Dear B. S., the Senate does not work for you!

Ever since the election we see B. S. Obama constantly forgetting the Constitution.

I am getting worried.

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Nobody is eveer going to know the truth about why one Illinois politician who shared a bagman with another Illinois fellow Democrat suddenly turned on him, but Nacy Goldfarb sure has some interesting theories at her excellent blog http://ngoldfarb.wordpress.com

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