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After the North Koreans ignored Bhillary Clinton’s warnings and fired their missile, Obama came on television with a stern face and forceful voice declaring “rules are rules” and later “words have to mean something.”

Now, after the Somali pirates fired at the US Naval vessel following their stolen lifeboat, the White House forcefully, strongly, with determined resoluteness, announced that the President is getting updates.

We can all sleep better now.

Change you can believe in.


Update: US Navy snipers killed the pirates and freed the Captain.

However, Obama had not ordered the action. Instead “Fluffy” Obama merely tried to vote “Present” again by signing off on letting the Navy Captain on scene to do what he thought necessary. This would have let “Fluffy” sidestep responsibility in case someone other than a pirate got killed.

Watch for “Fluffy” to try to reword this to make himself look forceful.


Another update

Orwellian media management now has Obama falsely portrayed as a strong leader for approving the use of force by the Navy. First, the use of force is the only reason the Navy exists. It is military, not the Peace Corps.

Second, the President has no business micro-managing insignificant military operations. If the President were tied up on everey action involving four hostile individuals, and there were only four pirates, than the world could not function.

Third, if the President is responsible for every little military operation, the Obama is responsible for the deaths of all the servicemen who have died this week in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama has ordered a total increase in US military forces in the Mideast.


He has betrayed his campaign promises and betrayed the left who elected him.

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