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Social Security was set up to provide emergency support during the Great Depression. When our greatest Socialist Democrat FDR passed Social Security, life expectancy was 58 for men and 63 for women. Social Security started paying at age 65. Social Security was to assist people who lived too long!

Today Social Security has grown like a fatal cancer, and fatal it is. Social Security no provides $1,000 a month for the elderly grandparents of anchor babies. It gives $1,000 a month to every homeless person panhandling on the streets. What they do with their $250 a week is a mystery,

Social Security gives $1,000 a month to drug addicts, alcoholics, and to prostitutes who somehow innocently contracted AIDS.

Government programs never self correct. Every government program continues to grow and spread as a cancer to strangle the life out of America.

In Free market Capitalism, everything is automatically self correcting. Companies that perform no useful function fail and disappear, unless a government program prolongs their life, as in TARP, and Borat’s Energy Act that gives billions to solar energy and other fiasco that would never get out of the laboratory because they make no economic sense until the technology advances by two or three generations.

The conclusion is that every time some idiot Congressman sets up a tiny little program using one of his earmarks, it will grow into a fatal cancer.

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