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A few days ago I wrote that if Obama wants to stop the “Obama Stock Market Crash” all he has to do is stop making speeches https://carol1977.wordpress.com/2009/02/24/how-obama-can-stop-the-stock-market-crash/

What our food stamp President cannot grasp because of his narcissistic ego is that stockholders are almost all smarter than he is. Not only did we stock owners come from responsible parents so that we did not grow up on food stamps as Obama did, but also we went to schools that our parents paid for, either through private tuition or through taxes, whereas Obama got free charity education, and when you get something free, your bad attitude prevents you from absorbing the true meaning of what you got.

Then we spent lifetimes working at real jobs in the private sector, where Obama never worked. We made sacrifices in our consumption to save the money to buy stocks, whereas Obama took his wife to Tahiti for several months to finish his memoirs about the deprivation of his upbringing?

So after many years of work, sacrifice and savings, we acquired not only the money with which to buy stocks, but we also acquired common sense and an understanding of reality, whereas Obama only acquired slogans and lies.

So every time Obama goes on television and spouts more lies and nonsense, clearly demonstrating that he has (1) no understanding of  what ails this country and why we are in trouble, and (2) no realistic idea of how to fix the economy or create permanent private sector jobs, we sell our stocks and flee into insured bank deposits and T-Bills, figuring that even if Obama has stolen our ability to even earn interest on our savings, maybe, just maybe, we might not lose our principal, which we surely will in the stock market.

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On TV today our food stamp President said that he could reduce the deficit because there is plenty of room to increase taxes on business.

WRONG!! America has the HIGHEST TAX on businesses of any industrialized nation, which is one of the many government-caused reasons why American companies cannot compete abroad.

And Brainless Barry wants to increase our taxes on businesses?

Barry, reduce the deficit by canceling your brainless stimulus package, and reduce taxes on businesses.

Businesses are the only entities that create private sector jobs!

Brainless Barry please focus on this:

Business = private sector


Taxing something means you get less of it. How can we get more private sector jobs by increasing taxes on private sector so there is less private sector?

And that is why investors call him “Brainless Barry!”

And that is why the stock market has gone down every month since the national polls showed that Obama was our next president.

Don’t believe me? Go to www.bigcharts.com click on the DJIA chart so it turns into a 12 month chart and look at May 2007 and observe the decline since then.

That will be called forever in our nation’s history, or at least for the next hundred and more years: “The Obama Stock Market.”

Then click on the arrow on top to change the time frame to one decade and notice that the Bush stock market went from 10,500 to 14,000.

Then when the polls showed that our next President’s sole economic experience was  how to live an entire life paid by the taxpayers, the market got cut in half.

I cannot wait to hear the liberal progressive communists, with falsehoods and convoluted phraseology, attempt to refute these facts.

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